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Georgia Baptist Convention Ceiling Murals and Panels

   In 2005 the Georgia Baptist Convention Executive Director, Dr. Robert White, approached me about the possibility of working on murals planned for the soon to be built Georgia Baptist Mission and Ministry Center in Duluth, Georgia.  After sharing with me the vision for the artwork, we agreed that I would be commissioned to do the work, which included painting the ceiling oval in the New Testament  lobby (44 ft. x 28 ft.) and the Old Testament circular dome (21 ft. in circumference).  Also, there would be 6 panels stationed between the columns in the New Testament room depicting images related to the theme of the room from the New Testament book of Acts 1:8.  I began drawing the plans for the ceiling murals in the fall of 2005.  I transfered them to the ceiling in March/April of 2006, and began painting the Old Testament ceiling in April.  The theme of the Old Testament ceiling is "The Separation of Dark and Light" from the creation story in Genesis.  It includes images of God pushing back the darkness, the face of Jesus, and a symbol of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.  The theme of the New Testament ceiling is sharing the gospel with the world and is depicted by a global scene with the peoples of the world placed in or near their home of origin. The ceiling murals were finished in February of 2007.   There are a few photos in this section of me on the scaffolding painting the ceiling.  The wall panels titled: 1) The Great Commission 2) Pentecost 3) Jerusalem 4) Judea 5) Samaria 6) the Uttermost were finished between 2007 and 2011.  

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